Make A Drum Set - 5 Reasons To Escape High Drum Prices And Make Your Own Drum Set

Learning how to make a drum set is easier than riding a bike. And believe me.. once you know HOW to ride that bike, you'll never get off.

Grasping the simple art of drum making is easy... it doesn't matter how much drum building experience you have or how good of a drummer you are, YOU can learn to make a drum set with barely any tools and build it practically anywhere. One of our clients that saw our Guerrilla Drum Making DVD built an entire drum kit in his apartment in Japan, another one is about 10 years old.

Here's my 5 key reasons why YOU should take the DIY drums route and learn how to make a drum set.

#1. Make a Drum Set and Save Money: Saving money is a byproduct of knowing how to make a drum set; it's like a mechanic working on his own car. Ofcorse he's gonna save money, he's not paying for labor!

And here's a little secret that people hate to hear: both custom drum builders and major drum companies use drum supplies that YOU can get your hands on. Woops... it slipped. The cats out of the bag.

In fact, you could save up to 70% of your money by getting supplies to make a drum set rather than ordering a customized drum set from a notable drum company. I've seen company price quotes as high as $5,000... and you can make a drum set exactly like it for $1700 or less. In fact, if you have $5k, you can make a drum set, and then make another drum set, and then make another drum set. Not bad... 3 drum sets for the price of 1.

#2. Don't Settle! Make A Drum Set Thats Perfect For You: Don't settle on something when you can make a drum set that fits you like a glove. Nobody sees your dream better than you do, so take control and believe that you can make a kit that lives up to your dreams.

And you have the ability to hunt down all the products you want in order to make a drum set of the highest quality. Whether your aiming to make a kit for the studio, the rehearsal room or a kit that's going to get the beating of life on tour, you can easily make a drum set to fit the drumming lifestyle you live.

#3. Make a drum set and Save a Ton of Time: How long would it take YOU to make a drum set? Great question. I've made a drum set in one day after getting the products a week after ordering them. Not bad. The first custom drum set I ordered from DW drums took about 8 months to get to me. Not Good. 240 Days for an ordered kit versus 8 days to make a drum set? I'll take the latter... thanks.

#4. Drum Making is a Blast: Most do-it-yourself projects aren't that fun. We've all helped a family member tile his own bathroom and it sucked. But make a drum set and challenge yourself... put some passion into the kit you'll be sitting behind night after night.

In my opinion, the entire process to make a drum set is a blast...from seeing your vision to bringing it to life.

#5. Make a Drum Set Once... and Have Drums For Life: Once you find out how easy it is to make a drum set, you're a drum maker for the long haul. You'll retain the methods and know-how for the rest of your life. You can always hop right in and make a drum set or custom snare drum if you have the budget.

You'll have the ability to add to your drum set whenever an extra drum needs to be used, build a snare drum for your upcoming studio recording, make a drum set for your colleagues, and more. And as I say in the title of this article, once you know how to make a drum set... You'll never look back.


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